Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

1 2 3 4 5 6 100 Technology & Accessories I 3 Headphones,Headsets and Earphones 1. KENSINGTON® STEREO EARPHONES • 2325398 - Lightweight and ergonomically designed to improve comfort for extended use. Perfect companion with all the latest handheld and portable devices. • 2325400 - Cost effective earphones includes 3.5mm to 6.5mm stereo adapter. • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2325398 Earphones EACH 2325400 Earphones with Microphone EACH 2. MOKI NOISE ISOLATION EARPHONES • Moki noise isolation earphones are ergonomically shaped to give a comfortable fit whilst reducing the influence of external noise. • Ergonomically shaped. • Suitable for use with all 3.5mm (1/8 inch) audio devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658585 Black EACH 658586 White EACH 3. MOKI NOISE ISOLATION STEREO EARPHONES • Moki stereo earphones with in-line microphone and control are small, lightweight and ergonomically designed allowing them to be comfortably worn for extended sessions. • Control music playback on cable control. • Suitable for use with all 3.5mm (1/8 inch) audio devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658621 Black EACH 658622 Pink EACH 658623 Blue EACH 658624 White EACH 658625 Green EACH 4. MOKI 45 SPORTS EARPHONES • With rubberised, flexible ear hooks, Moki sports earphones can be custom shaped for a secure hold with minimal movement. • Ideal for use with most fitness activities. • Great fit, durability and comfort. • Chromed bass vents enhance bass performance. • 15mm speaker drivers deliver the full range for a natural clear sound. • Suitable for use with all 3.5 mm audio devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658608 Black EACH 658609 White EACH 5. KENSINGTON® LIGHTWEIGHT HEADPHONES • Listen to your favourite music or play games without disturbance. • Lightweight stereo headphones, flexible headband for easy adjustment, ideal for office and classroom situations, in-line volume control, 30mm dynamic type speaker. • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2325399 Headphones EACH 2325401 Headphones with volume control and microphone EACH 6. GUMDROP DROPTECH KIDS HEADPHONES AND HEADSETS • Rugged kids headphones/headset 4-foot drop-tested. • Crystal clear audio/headset with boom microphone. • Braided and chew-proof cord. • 3.5mm AUX headphone/headset jack and USB connection. • Twistable, break-resistant headband. • Durable earpads that easily wipe clean. • No installation required. Just plug and play. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2579185 B1 Headphones EACH 2579186 B1 Headset with Microphone and 3.5mm Single pin Combo AUX jack EACH 2579187 B2 Headset EACH 2579188 B2 Headset with Microphone EACH