Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

7 8 9 10 11 12 101 I Technology & Accessories 3 Headphones,Headsets and Earphones 7. MOKI NERO HEADPHONES • Moki Nero headphones deliver an outstanding sound that covers all audible frequencies in a stylishly minimal design. • With super soft, super comfortable ear cups and adjustable headband, Moki Nero headphones hold with very little ear pressure meaning they can be worn comfortably for extended listening sessions. • Cable includes in-line microphone and single button control. • Single sided removable cable reduces tangles. • Suitable for use with all 3.5mm audio devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658648 Black EACH 8. KENSINGTON® HI-FI USB-C HEADPHONES • The HI-FI USB-C headphones are suitable for students, business professionals, and recreational gamers. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook for a simple plug and play experience. • Designed to fit heads of all ages, the adjustable headband is padded and the on-ear foam ear pads are wrapped in a soft leatherette cover to provide hours of comfortable use. • 40mm drivers with deep bass and a wide dynamic range deliver an exceptional listening experience. • 6-Foot cord with USB-C connector. • Multi-device compatibility. • Works with all USB-C enabled devices; Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Chrome OS. • Safe listening limit. • Sets the maximum output to 94db to protect ears from hearing loss associated with extended periods. • Noise-cancelling microphone. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2572387 Headphone EACH 2572388 Headphone with Microphone EACH 9. MOKI KATANA BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES • Achieve a new level of listening pleasure and comfort while enjoying the wireless experience that comes with Bluetooth headphones. • Up to 8 hours playtime, 10 hours talk time, 10m wireless range. • Voice prompt control. • Easy access controls. • In-built battery rechargeable in under 3 hours. • Suitable for use with all bluetooth or 3.5mm (1/8 inch) audio devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658676 Black EACH 658678 White EACH 10. MOKI BRITES BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES • Full Bluetooth control directly on the ear cup, allows you to play and pause, skip or rewind, increase and decrease volume without touching your device. • Flexible and lightweight with folding ear cups. • Over 6 hours playtime, 5 hours call time, 120 hrs standby. • 3.5mm input for playing from non-Bluetooth devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2183531 Blue EACH 2183532 Red EACH 11. MOKI CAMO IN-LINE MIC HEADPHONE • Camo headphones allow you to receive and end phone calls directly from the in-line mic. • Finished with a durable, contemporary camouflage print, the adjustable cloth headband and soft, padded ear cups hold comfortably and securely. • In-line microphone and single button control. • Suitable for use with all 3.5 mm (1/8 Inch) audio devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658633 Blue EACH 658634 Grey EACH 12. MOKI VOLUME LIMITED KIDS HEADPHONES • Ideal for children as they help prevent damage to young ears which can be caused by listening at volumes too high for too long. • A flexible, child-size headband fits comfortably on the ear and does not isolate the user from surrounding noise. • Single cable reduces tangles making them safer to wear. • Volume limited to 89db. • Suitable for use with all 3.5mm (1/8 Inch) audio devices. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658652 Red EACH 658653 Pink EACH 658654 Blue EACH