Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

4 5 6 7 8 107 I Presentation & Display Products 4 Whiteboards 4. VISIONCHART WHITEBOARDS LX8 • Magnetic porcelain surface and aluminium frame. • When quality and style count the Visionchart LX-8 Porcelain board is the industry leading standard. The frame is aesthetically designed to be minimalist. • A 4mm lip in the aluminium profile covers and protects the cut edge of the porcelain board surface. • Designed to be installed with no visible fixings. A communication wall can be created with unlimited board modules butt joined side by side. Maximum module is 3000 x 1190mm (height could vary between 1190mm to 1195mm). • The Porcelain (Vitreous Enamel) surface provides the best performance writing surface being scratch and stain-resistant • 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 624596 900 x 600mm EACH 624598 900 x 900mm EACH 624600 1200 x 900mm EACH 624604 1500 x 900mm EACH 624608 1800 x 900mm EACH 624602 1200 x 1190mm EACH 624606 1500 x 1190mm EACH 624610 1800 x 1190mm EACH 624612 2000 x 1190mm EACH 624614 2100 x 1190mm EACH 624616 2400x1190mm EACH 624618 3000 x 1190mm EACH 5. NOBO® CONFIDENTIAL WHITEBOARD NON-MAGNETIC • Glossy hard-wearing melamine surface which cleans with no ghosting. • The two front hinged boards are drywipe both sides, giving five working surfaces in total. • Lockable front panels supplied with two keys. Pen tray at base of board. • 2400x900mm when doors are fully open. • Wall fixing kit included. • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Surface Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 524873 1200 x 900mm closed EACH 6. VISIONCHART ACCENT GLASS BOARDS • The modern frameless alternative to traditional whiteboards, providing a writing surface to complement any environment. • Concealed easy wall-mounting kit for landscape or portrait. • Polished edge toughened ultra-white 4mm safety glass. • Includes perspex pen tray 250x60mm. • 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2222058 600 x 450mm EACH 2222059 900 x 600mm EACH 2222060 1200 x 900mm EACH 7. QUARTET® GLASS PLANNER • Organise in style with dry-erase desktop glass boards. • Long lasting tempered glass. • Made to withstand heavy use, Quartet® glass resists scratches and dents. • Write out your schedule and notes on the 1-month calendar design. • Mounting hardware kit included. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2572512 450x450mm EACH 8. QUARTET® INFINITY GLASS BOARDS • Personalise your workspace with Quartet® Customizable Infinity Boards. Print a unique background and insert it between the glass panels to create a one-of-a-kind whiteboard. Perfect for patient charts, nurse’s stations, and signage in a store or restaurant. • Create unique signs, charts and more with a personalised Quartet® board. • Print custom artwork at home or a print shop and insert for instant use. • Easily erase writing from the non-absorbent Quartet® glass surface. • Express ideas again and again on a clear board that will not stain or ghost. • Elevate your space with modern style using our frameless Quartet® glass. • Made to withstand heavy use, Quartet® glass resists scratches and dents. • Use magnets to post documents on the steel-backed surface. • Comes with accessory tray, 1 marker and 2 high-power glass board magnets. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2572517 215x279mm EACH 2572515 279x432mm EACH 2572516 457x609mm EACH