Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

8 9 10 11 12 13 123 I Presentation & Display Products 4 Document & Picture Frames 8. DURABLE DURAFRAME® POSTER • Self-adhesive poster frame with magnetic front panel for use on glass and smooth surfaces. • Magnetic seal holds document in place and inserts are quick and easy to update. • Not suitable for use in direct sunlight ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525135 A2 Black EACH 525137 A1 Black EACH 525138 A1 Silver EACH 9. DURABLE DURAFRAME® MAGNETIC INFOFRAME • Can be used in either portrait or landscape format. • Ideal for use on metal surfaces in warehouses and production areas. • Easily display important information and simple to change regularly if needed. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2201777 A4 Black PACK5 2201778 A3 Black PACK5 2572676 A4 Silver PACK5 2572677 A3 Silver PACK5 10. DURAFRAME® WALLPAPER INFOFRAME WITH REMOVABLE TABS • The detachable infoframe DURAFRAME® Wallpaper is the ideal solution for displaying information on sensitive surfaces. • Presenting information in a high quality and professional way. • Quick insertion and exchange of documents via a fold-back magnetic frame. • Can be attached to wallpaper, wood and most plastics due to the use of adhesive strips. • Great for documents such as orientation signage and other information. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2201779 A4 Black EACH 2201780 A4 Silver EACH 2201781 A3 Black EACH 2201782 A3 Silver EACH 11. DURABLE DURAFRAME® GRIP INFOFRAME FOR TEXTILE SURFACES • Attach to textile surfaces such as fabric panels, textile walls, partition walls and acoustic panels. • Ideal for displaying telephone lists in your work cubicle • Can be used in portrait or landscape formats ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2201775 A4 Black EACH 2201776 A4 Silver EACH 12. DURABLE DURAFRAME® SELF-ADHESIVE SIGN HOLDER • Self-adhesive information sign with folding magnetic front panel. • Magnetic seal holds document in place and inserts are quick and easy to update. • Frame can be adhered to smooth, solid surfaces and is easily repositioned. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525128 A4 Adhesive Back Black PACK2 525129 A4 Adhesive Back Silver PACK2 525130 A3 Adhesive Back Black PACK2 525131 A3 Adhesive Back Silver PACK2 2572675 A3 Adhesive Back Red PACK2 2572674 A3 Adhesive Back Navy PACK2 13. MANHATTAN SNAP FRAMES • Snap frames allow you to instantly change documents/signage in seconds. • Can be used as portrait or landscape. • 25mm mitre-edge corner frame. • Wall mounted. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 505525 A1 Portrait/Landscape EACH 505526 A2 Portrait/Landscape EACH 505527 A3 Portrait/Landscape EACH 505528 A4 Portrait/Landscape EACH 505529 A5 Portrait/Landscape EACH