Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

178 Furniture I 5 Delivery, installation and assembly charges may apply to furniture. Please enquire to confirm. Desk Dividers & Partitions 1. RAPID SCREEN AND TOPS • Slimline versatile screening system in either light blue or grey. • Pinnable surface for attaching notes or memos. • This is a modular screen system which can be used to create a range of office set ups. Ask us how today. • Adjustable feet. • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525892 Screen W1200xD30XH1250mm, Grey EACH 525893 Screen W1200xD30XH1250mm, Blue EACH 525896 Screen W1200xD30xH1650mm, Grey EACH 525897 Screen W1200xD30xH1650mm, Blue EACH 525894 Screen W1800XD30XH1250mm, Grey EACH 525895 Screen W1800XD30XH1250mm, Blue EACH 525898 Screen W1800xD30xH1650mm, Grey EACH 525899 Screen W1800xD30xH1650mm, Blue EACH 525900 Desk Top W1200xD700xH25mm, White EACH ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525901 Desk Top W1200xD700xH25mm, Beech EACH 525902 Desk Top W1800xD700xH25mm, White EACH 525903 Desk Top W1800xD700xH25mm, Beech EACH 525908 Desk Top W1200/1200xD700xH25mm, White EACH 525910 Desk Top W1200/1200xD700xH25mm, Beech EACH 525906 Desk Top W1800/1200xD700xH25mm, White EACH 525907 Desk Top W1800/1200xD700xH25mm, Beech EACH 525904 Desk Top W1800/1800xD700xH25mm, White EACH 525905 Desk Top W1800/1800xD700xH25mm, Beech EACH SANA 3D Acoustic Wall Tiles The easy way to reduce office noise. N Easy self install N One clip system N 3 designs available in 3 colours SANA 3D acoustic wall tiles are an effective method of combating noise in spaces where people work, relax, socialise and learn. The quick and easy to install tiles will absorb up to 70% of reverberated noise while providing an aesthetically pleasing design giving any area an instant ‘face lift’. The benefits of SANA 3D acoustic tiles make them a ‘sound investment’. Colour: Ash Colour: Cloud Colour: Storm SANA 3D 100 Series SANA 3D 200 Series SANA 3D 300 Series 3D ACOUSTIC TILE 1