Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

PERSONAL PROTECTION THESE ARE PROTECTIVE SCREENS PERSONAL PROTECTION THESE ARE PROTECTIVE SCREENS PERSONAL PROTECTION THESE ARE PROTECTIVE SCREENS 179 I Furniture 5 Delivery, installation and assembly charges may apply to furniture. Please enquire to confirm. Desk Dividers & Partitions 2. NOBO® PORTABLE DISPLAY PANEL SCREEN • A handy featherweight portable display system. • The panels are double-sided nylon loop covering so you can change your display simply and as often as you need. • Each panel measures L600xH900mm, header panel L600xH250mm 6 panel weight. 9kg, 3 panel weight 5kg. Panels are grey one side and blue the other side for added versatility. Optional header panel available. • Supplied with strong nylon carry bag with integral shoulder strap (PVC lined to be water resistant). • Removable clips in the trim lock the two halves together when being used two sections high. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525929 6 Panel EACH 3. RAPIDLINE ACRYLIC SCREENS • Return to work safer with acrylic screens. Taller and denser than others currently on the market. • All screens require either Free Standing Feet of a set of Clamps to stand upright on desk. • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2304636 W690xD8xH600mm Extra Small EACH 2304635 W1180xD8xH600mm Small EACH 2304634 W1480xD8xH600mm Medium EACH 2304633 W1780xD8xH600mm Large EACH 2304637 Free Standing Feet EACH 2304638 Desk Mount Clamp Black PACK2 2304639 Desk Mount Clamp White PACK2 2304640 Side Mount Clamp Black PACK2 2304641 Side Mount Clamp White PACK2 2304642 Back To Back Mount Clamp Black PACK2 2304643 Back To Back Mount Clamp White PACK2 4. VISIONCHART WAVE SCREEN GUARDS • Cleaner and safer than regular fabric partitions, the versatile clear partitions act as a sneeze guard and block for personal contact. • 3mm Perspex and 6mm Australian made tough polycarbonate screens are easy to spray and wipe clean of bacteria. • Perfect for a current and post virus world where a high level of personal distance and health precaution is necessary. • Free-standing straight or curved wave screen, made with lightweight Perspex, is perfect for small consulting rooms, tight office spaces and teacher/parent meetings. • The Magnetic frame clips the screens together to add on extensions for further protection. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2336374 W800xH1800mm Straight Edge, Clear EACH 2336375 W800xH1800mm Curved Edge, Clear EACH 5. TRAFALGAR COUNTER & ACRYLIC DESK DIVIDERS • Acrylic divider guards help maintain social distance and physical separation. Simple assembly and easily sanitised. Reduce exposure to coughing, sneezing, splashes and sprays to help prevent the spread of germs and pathogens. • Acrylic dividers come with 2 x mounting feet and 2 x strips double sided tape for quick and easy installation. Locally made from high quality 6mm acrylic. Suitable for retail counters, reception desks, offices, medical centres and more. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2303278 W600xH800mm Acrylic Sneeze Guard EACH 2303279 W1200xH800mm Acrylic Sneeze Guard EACH 2 3 4 5