Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

39 I Business Machines 2 Binding Machines 7. QUPA® S60 HEAVY DUTY COMB MANUAL BINDING MACHINE • 511162 Binds up to 500 sheets, punches up to 18 Sheets. Adjustable margins. 2 handles, 1 punches & 1 opens combs which increases productivity. • 511158 Binds up to 500 sheets, punches up to 25 sheets. • Adjustable margins, disengageable punches. 2 handles, 1 to punch and 1 separate handle to preopen combs. • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 511162 Manual Binding Machine 18 Sheet Capacity EACH 511158 Manual Binding Machine 25 Sheet Capacity EACH 8. GBC COMBBIND A20 MANUAL BINDING MACHINE • Binds up to 245 sheets of 80gsm paper, punches up to 21 holes in 15 sheets of paper at a time. It has a top load punch and binding feature for optimal binding. • Two handed soft touch punch handle. Suction cap feet keep the machine stable. • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525225 Manual Binding Machine 15 Sheet Capacity EACH 9. GOLD SOVEREIGN GS12 COMB MANUAL BINDING MACHINE • For the small office or home office the GS12 is an ideal solution for creating bound documents for all presentations, small in size big on function the GS12 is easy to use and will bind a 350 page document, it also has the added feature of a 4 hole punch suitable for ring binders. • Binds up to 350 sheets, punches up to 12 sheets at a time. • Ergonomic handle and easy to use. • Incorporated 4 hole punch with a large waste draw. • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525233 12 Sheet Capacity EACH 10. REXEL® PLASTIC 21 RING BINDING COMBS • Comb binding offers total flexibility allowing you to create professional presentations from 2 to 425 pages. • High quality A4 21 loop combs for use with all standard binding machines. • Combs can be reopened to insert or remove pages at any time. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 525205 6mm White PACK100 525206 6mm Blue PACK100 525207 8mm White PACK100 525208 8mm Blue PACK100 525209 9.5mm White PACK100 525210 9.5mm Blue PACK100 525211 12.5mm White PACK100 525212 12.5mm Blue PACK100 525213 16mm White PACK100 525214 20mm White PACK100 525215 25mm White PACK50 525218 50mm Black PACK50 11. FELLOWES® PLASTIC 21 RING BINDING COMBS • Gives a professional appearance to bound documents. • Premium quality and durable plastic binding comb. • The most popular, economical and flexible method of binding. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2199972 6mm Black PACK100 2199975 8mm Black PACK100 2199978 10mm Black PACK100 2199981 12mm Black PACK100 2199984 14mm Black PACK100 2199987 16mm Black PACK100 2199990 19mm Black PACK100 2199992 25mm Black PACK50 12. GBC WIRE 21 RING BINDING COMBS • Wire binding creates completely secure presentations. • Finished documents lie flat and pages can be turned 360 degrees for easy reading and photocopying. • Wire is professional in appearance and can not be reopened or reused. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 509500 10mm Black PACK100 509501 10mm Silver PACK100 Binding Combs & Covers 7 8 9 10 11 12