Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 72 Technology & Accessories I 3 Computer Accessories 1. AF ZERO ECO-FRIENDLY SPRAYDUSTER • Spraydusters are an excellent cleaning tool to target hard to reach or inaccessible areas. • Responsible eco-friendly cleaning (zero impact upon the world’s rising CO2 levels) • Non-flammable • Can be used at any angle • 3 Power settings ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520130 420ml EACH 2. AF UTILITY FLAMMABLE SPRAYDUSTER • Utility non-invertible economy flammable Sprayduster (HFC Free) is designed to tackle dust and grime from hard to reach areas. • Blasts dust and debris from electronic equipment. • Environmentally friendly. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2183400 400ml EACH 3. FELLOWES® AIR DUSTER • Ideal for removing stubborn dirt, dust and debris from difficult to reach areas such as printers, keyboards and other electrical equipment. • HFC free and ozone friendly. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 502177 350ml EACH 4. UTILITY SCREEN AND MULTIPURPOSE WIPES • Gentle and effective. • Screen and surface cleaning. • Handy tub dispenser. • Quality wipe. • Active biocide. • Reduce eyestrain with clean screens. • Anti-Static. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2183401 100 Wipes PACK 5. MOKI SCREEN WIPES • Pre-moistened wipes, ideal for cleaning grime and fingerprints from smartphones, tablets and portable devices. • These pre-moistened, individually sealed wipes are the perfect size to keep in your car, bag or pocket. Keeps your valuable electronics in top condition and hygienically clean. • Passed SGS testing. • Removes 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24 hours. • Clean portable screens weekly and touchscreens daily. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2183537 10 Wipes PACK 2183538 50 Wipes PACK 2183539 80 Wipes PACK 6. MOKI OPTICAL LENS WIPES • The ideal cleaning wipes for precision optical lenses (both glass and polycarbonate) as found in telescopes, microscopes, cameras, VR headsets, binoculars, and eyeglasses. Also, great for cleaning projectors, watches, optical discs and handheld devices such as phones and tablets. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 658710 40 Wipes PACK 7. MOKI SCREEN CLEANER SPRAY WITH CHAMOIS • Moki Screen Clean is perfect for use with larger TV screens or portable devices that require regular, daily cleaning. The specially formulated spray, when used with the large ultrafine microfibre cloth, is ideal for keeping HDTVs, monitors, laptops and portable screens clear of dust, germs, fingerprints and other contaminates, ensuring your expensive equipment stays in top condition and sparkling clean for longer. • Power spray. • Antibacterial, alcohol-free, anti-static, lint-free ultrafine microfibre cloth. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 1203606 60ml Screen Cleaner with 20cmx28cm Chamois PACK