Office Supplies Catalogue 2022

8 9 10 11 12 13 81 I Technology & Accessories 3 Computer Accessories 8. KENSINGTON® MONITOR STAND WITH UVC SANITISATION COMPARTMENT • The UVStand Monitor Stand with UVC disinfection compartment safely, easily, and efficiently sanitizes keyboards, mice, trackballs, cell phones, and other devices, while promoting healthy posture and optimal comfort. • 508x290x90mm compartment safely, easily, and efficiently sanitizes keyboards, mice, trackballs, cell phones, and other devices. Can be used to store desktop items when not disinfecting, for a more clutter-free desktop. • Fully-contained UVC LEDs safely disinfect, without the use of chemicals, liquids, or wipes. • Disinfects at the push of a button, will only operate when the compartment door is completely closed. • Supports one 34Inch monitor or two 24Inch monitors. • Meets or exceeds safety standards, including IEC/EN 62471 and ANSI IESNA RP 27. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2572400 Monitor Stand with UV Compartment EACH 9. KENSINGTON® SMARTFIT MONITOR STAND • SmartFit™ system lets you adjust monitor height to your personal requirements. • Determine your SmartFit™ comfort colour, then set monitor height to match by snapping 1 or 2 risers into place. Stand positions monitor in line with your eyes to help reduce eye and neck strain. • Universal platform design. Height adjusts to 1 of 3 vertical settings without tools. • Accessories and papers can be stored under stand to save desk space. Stylish construction and colour complement any decor. • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520102 18kg Maximum Capacity EACH 10. FELLOWES® HANA SERIES MONITOR RISER • Maximise desk space and elevate your monitor to a comfortable viewing height to reduce eye, neck and shoulder strain. • Includes four easily accessible USB ports to connect computer accessories and keep devices powered. • Stylish aluminium base with real wood finish. • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Mechanical Warranty & 1 Year Manufacturer’s Electrical Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2199954 18kg Maximum Capacity EACH 11. ESSELTE® GLASS MONITOR STAND • Esselte® glass monitor stands are modern and stylish They are wide enough to fit your keyboard or laptop dock underneath to maximise desk space. • Reduces muscle fatigue and promotes better seating posture. • Creates more desk space. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520114 20kg Maximum Capacity EACH 12. FELLOWES® PROFESSIONAL SERIES LAPTOP WORKSTATION WITH USB • FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award. • 9 height adjustments allows for customisation. • Integrated USB 2.0 hub (4) making it easy to stay connected to your favourite devices. • In line document holder enables vertical or horizontal orientation. • Air vents to aid laptop cooling. • Rubber strips and padded feet for extra protection for your desk and laptop. • Cable management system minimises clutter. • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 502070 6.8kg Maximum Capacity EACH 13. FELLOWES® STANDARD MONITOR RISER • Features 3 height adjustments from 50-100mm for most comfortable viewing angle. • Made from 100% recycled high-impact plastic, which supports all monitor types. • Non-skid rubber feet ensure stability on any surface. • Includes cable management system at rear. • Attractive graphite colouring complements home or office decor. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520104 27kg Maximum Capacity EACH