Green Choice Catalogue 2021

12 43 44 Black Red Blue Green Brown Orange Light Green Pink Sky Blue Turquoise Violet Navy Black Red Blue Green Violet Gel Pens 43. PENTEL® ENERGEL X RETRACTABLE GEL PENS • Everyday writing pen • Smooth rubber finger grip with translucent colour finish • Push button retractable nib • Contains 84% recycled material • Refillable with LR7 and LR10 refills • Available in boxes of 12 ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 521745 0.7mm Black EACH 521746 0.7mm Red EACH 521747 0.7mm Blue EACH 510528 0.7mm Green EACH 2183409 0.7mm Brown EACH 510529 0.7mm Orange EACH 2183410 0.7mm Light Green EACH 510531 0.7mm Pink EACH 510533 0.7mm Sky Blue EACH 2183411 0.7mm Turquoise EACH 510535 0.7mm Violet EACH 2183408 0.7mm Navy EACH 521748 1.0mm Black EACH 521750 1.0mm Blue EACH 521749 1.0mm Red EACH 44. PENTEL® BL17 ENERGEL GEL PENS • The best qualities of liquid ink and gel ink are blended into a super-smooth formula and delivered via an exclusive ink/tip technology • Intensely vivid ink dries quickly without smearing or blotting • Great for left-handed writers • Lasts up to 3 times longer than standard gel ink • Part of the Pentel Recycology range made of 53% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 521751 0.7mm Black EACH 521752 0.7mm Red EACH 521753 0.7mm Blue EACH 510554 0.7mm Green EACH 510558 0.7mm Violet EACH 45 46 Black Blue Red Black Blue Roller Ball Pens 46. PENTEL® ORIGINAL ROLLERBALL R50 PENS • The original smooth writing rollerball • Distinctive green barrel • Unique cushion ball and nylon acrylic tip with water-based ink flow on many surfaces • Large end user demand and recognition • Contains 77% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 521838 0.8mm Black EACH 521840 0.8mm Blue EACH 45. PENTEL® ENERGEL RETRACTABLE GEL PENS • Super-smooth and quick-drying retractable liquid gel ink • Rubber finger grip with grooved finger print support for comfortable writing • Sleek and stylish designed clip and barrel • Contains 54% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12. • Refillable with LR7 and LR10 refills ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 521754 0.7mm Black EACH 521756 0.7mm Blue EACH 521755 0.7mm Red EACH 510596 1.0mm Black EACH 510598 1.0mm Blue EACH 510597 1.0mm Red EACH Green Choice Catalogue 2021