Green Choice Catalogue 2021

14 52 53 Black Blue Red Black Blue Red 52. UNI LAKUBO BALLPOINT PENS • Available in 1.0mm & 1.4mm tips • Stainless steel tip, moulded rubber grip and free following ink. • Barrel is made from 67% recycled materials. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 503435 1.0mm Medium Black PACK12 503436 1.0mm Medium Blue PACK12 503437 1.0mm Medium Red PACK12 503429 1.4mm Broad Black PACK12 503430 1.4mm Broad Blue PACK12 503431 1.4mm Broad Red PACK12 53. UNI POWERTANK RETRACTABLE BALLPOINT PENS • Available in 0.7mm & 1.0mm tip • Features pressurised ink supply. • Writes on most surfaces. • Writes upside down even in extreme cold and damp. • The heavy duty ballpoint pen. • Available in boxes of 12. Refillable. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 521875 0.7mm Fine SN227 Black EACH 521876 0.7mm Fine SN227 Blue EACH 521877 0.7mm Fine SN227 Red EACH 521878 1.0mm Medium SN220 Black EACH 521879 1.0mm Medium SN220 Blue EACH 521880 1.0mm Medium SN220 Red EACH 54 Black Blue Red 54. UNI SN100 LAKNOCK RETRACTABLE BALLPOINT PENS • Available in 0.7mm, 1.0mm & 1.4mm tip • Smooth ink technology. • Rubber grip & slick new contemporary design. • Stainless steel tip for precision writing. • Also available in boxes of 12. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 521866 0.7mm Fine Black EACH 521867 0.7mm Fine Blue EACH 521868 0.7mm Fine Red EACH 521869 1.0mm Medium Black EACH 521870 1.0mm Medium Blue EACH 521871 1.0mm Medium Red EACH 521872 1.4mm Broad Black EACH 521873 1.4mm Broad Blue EACH 521874 1.4mm Broad Red EACH 55 Black Blue Red Green Non-Permanent Markers 55. PENTEL® S520 SIGN PEN MARKERS • The original fibre-tipped pen • The designer’s choice - perfect for graphics and illustrations • Non-permanent water-based ink • For office, college or home • Contains 83% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 522192 0.8mm Medium Black EACH 522194 0.8mm Medium Blue EACH 522193 0.8mm Medium Red EACH 510964 0.8mm Medium Green EACH Ballpoint Pens Green Choice Catalogue 2021