Green Choice Catalogue 2021

15 56 57 Black Blue Red 58 Black Red Blue 59 Black Blue Red Whiteboard Markers 56. PILOT® BEGREEN V BOARD MASTER ASSORTED WHITEBOARD MARKERS • A unique offering to the category, the V Board Master is a refillable, liquid ink whiteboard marker. • Utilises the Twin Pipe Feed system which allows instant writing without shaking or pumping and has a constant ink flow to the very last drop of ink. • Light resistant with 10 meters visibility and no blurring. • Made with a minimum 70% recycled materials reclaimed from manufacturing. Excluding replaceable parts, such as refill, cartridge, leads and ink. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 522448 2.3mm Bullet Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange PACK5 522449 2.2mm-5.2mm Chisel Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange PACK5 2192450 Black Refill Only EACH 2192451 Blue Refill Only EACH 2192452 Red Refill Only EACH 2192453 Green Refill Only EACH 2192454 Orange Refill Only EACH 57. PILOT® BEGREEN V BOARD MASTER S WHITEBOARD MARKERS • New Sure Seal System for easy refilling. • Slim body and fine lines perfect for school & home. • Strong colour from start to finish. Bullet point. • The Pilot Begreen range is made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials reclaimed from manufacturing. All Pilot Begreen percentages are calculated excluding replaceable parts such as ink, refills and cartridges. • Refill is easy to use with no leakage. An economical alternative to buying new markers. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 522416 1.3mm Black EACH 522417 1.3mm Blue EACH 522418 1.3mm Red EACH 522419 Black Refill Only PACK12 522420 Blue Refill Only PACK12 522421 Red Refill Only PACK12 58. PENTEL® MAXIFLO PUMP IT WHITEBOARD MARKERS • High quality, long lasting dry wipe marker - bullet point or chisel tip, medium liquid ink • Unique pump action system to replenish ink supply if tip has dried out • Vivid pigment-based liquid ink for white or porcelain boards • Remove with a dry cloth or board eraser • Made from 50% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 522399 1.6mm MWL5 Bullet Black EACH 522400 1.6mm MWL5 Bullet Red EACH 522401 1.6mm MWL5 Bullet Blue EACH 510818 1.6mm MWL5 Bullet 4 Assorted Colours WALLET4 510838 1.6mm MWL5 Bullet Black & Red Eraser set PACK 510839 1.6mm MWL5 Bullet Black & Blue Eraser Set PACK 522402 1.1-4.8mm MWL6 Chisel Black EACH 522403 1.1-4.8mm MWL6 Chisel Red EACH 522404 1.1-4.8mm MWL6 Chisel Blue EACH 59. BIC® VELLEDA WHITEBOARD MARKERS • Low odour, alcohol-based ink. • Blocked tip will not bend nor retract under pressure. • Good erasability immediately and after a few days. • Acrylic bullet tip gives line width of 1.5mm. • Acrylic chisel tip gives line width of 3.7mm - 5.5mm. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 606702 1.5mm Bullet Black PACK12 606678 1.5mm Bullet Blue PACK12 606680 1.5mm Bullet Red PACK12 606684 3.7-5.5mm Chisel Black PACK12 606687 3.7-5.5mm Chisel Blue PACK12 606694 3.7-5.5mm Chisel Red PACK12 Green Choice Catalogue 2021