Green Choice Catalogue 2021

16 60 61 62 63 White Black Red Blue Chalk Markers 60. PENTEL® WET ERASE LIQUID CHALK REVERSIBLE TIP MARKERS • Liquid chalk marker is suitable for indoors and out • Semi-permanent formula, won’t run off in a light shower • Remove with a damp cloth or non-bleach-based household cleaner • Valve-activated flow, no blobbing or leaking • Ideal for use on glass, porcelain boards, and other non-porous surfaces • Perfect for fetes, canteens, pubs and clubs, crafts etc • Pigment-based ink • Made from 69% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2324928 3.0mm Bullet / 1.5-4mm Chisel Tips White EACH 2324929 3.0mm Bullet / 1.5-4mm Chisel Tips Black EACH 510977 3.0mm Bullet / 1.5-4mm Chisel Tips Red EACH 510978 3.0mm Bullet / 1.5-4mm Chisel Tips Blue EACH Lead Refills 61. PENTEL® AIN STEIN LEAD REFILLS • STEIN lead has achieved dramatic strength without sacrificing darkness and smoothness • The strongest leads on this market • Handy case to protect leads • Made from 92% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12 ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 510678 0.3mm HB Refills PACK15 510679 0.5mm 2B Refills PACK40 510684 0.5mm HB Refills PACK40 510687 0.7mm 2B Refills PACK40 510690 0.7mm HB Refills PACK40 510695 0.9mm HB Refills PACK36 Graphite Pencils 62. STAEDTLER® NATURAL GRAPHITE PENCILS • High quality hexagonal natural graphite pencil for writing, drawing and sketching. • Superior quality break-resistant lead • FSC - wood from certified sustainably managed forests. • Lead diameter 2mm. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 522609 2B PACK12 522608 HB PACK12 522610 HB CUP100 63. FABER-CASTELL JUNIOR TRIANGULAR WRITING PENCILS • Wooden triangular barrel prevents rolling • Large ergonomic shape encourages proper grip technique • Soft, rich graphite leads provide smooth, dark laydown • 2.5mm leads use secural bonding (SV) process for high break-resistance, reducing sharpening time • Name space is included for easy pencil identification • Non-toxic and safe for kids to use • FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 2324658 HB CUP50 2324660 2B CUP50 Green Choice Catalogue 2021