Green Choice Catalogue 2021

17 64 65 66 Correction Tapes 64. LIQUID PAPER® DRYLINE GRIP CORRECTION TAPE • Ergonomically designed with rubber grip for comfort and control. • Applies dry in order to write over corrections instantly. • Features translucent case to view remaining tape. • Specialised tip prevents tape from looping. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 522672 5mmx8.5m EACH 522673 5mmx8.5m Recycled EACH Correction Fluids 65. PENTEL® CORRECTION PEN ZL31 FINE POINT • The original and top selling metal-tipped correction pen • Long-lasting size and dispenses fluid exactly where needed • Fine point and a 4mm metal sleeve makes this correction pen unchallenged for detailed use • Every last drop of fluid can be used • Low-odour, trichloroethane-free formula. Made from 50% recycled material • Available in boxes of 12 ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 511025 Correction pen 12ml fluid EACH Insert Ring Binders 66. MARBIG® ENVIRO INSERT BINDERS • The Marbig insert binder range is manufactured from acid-free, copy safe polypropylene to add strength and durability • Features a clear overlay on front cover, back and spine. • Horizontal pocket on the inside front & back cover. • Oversized covers to accommodate sheet protectors or dividers. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 522810 A5 2’D’ 25mm White EACH 522811 A4 2’D’ 19mm White EACH 522815 A4 2’D’ 25mm Blue EACH 522816 A4 2’D’ 25mm Red EACH 522823 A4 2’D’ 38mm Black EACH 522824 A4 2’D’ 38mm Blue EACH 522825 A4 2’D’ 38mm Red EACH 522832 A4 2’D’ 50mm Black EACH 522833 A4 2’D’ 50mm Blue EACH 522834 A4 2’D’ 50mm Red EACH 522841 A4 2’D’ 65mm White EACH 522812 A4 3’D’ 19mm White EACH 522817 A4 3’D’ 25mm Black EACH 522818 A4 3’D’ 25mm Blue EACH 522819 A4 3’D’ 25mm Red EACH 522826 A4 3’D’ 38mm Black EACH 522827 A4 3’D’ 38mm Blue EACH 522828 A4 3’D’ 38mm Red EACH 522835 A4 3’D’ 50mm Black EACH 522836 A4 3’D’ 50mm Blue EACH 522837 A4 3’D’ 50mm Red EACH 522842 A4 3’D’ 65mm White EACH 522813 A4 4’D’ 19mm White EACH 522820 A4 4’D’ 25mm Black EACH 522822 A4 4’D’ 25mm Red EACH 522821 A4 4’D’ 25mm Blue EACH 522829 A4 4’D’ 38mm Black EACH 522830 A4 4’D’ 38mm Blue EACH 522831 A4 4’D’ 38mm Red EACH 522838 A4 4’D’ 50mm Black EACH 522839 A4 4’D’ 50mm Blue EACH 522840 A4 4’D’ 50mm Red EACH 522843 A4 4’D’ 65mm White EACH Green Choice Catalogue 2021