Green Choice Catalogue 2021

4 7 8 9 10 Copy Paper 7. PLANET ARK 100% RECYCLED 80GSM COPY PAPER • Every time you use Planet Ark Mindful Paper you’re making a conscious choice to close Australia’s recycling loop and make a positive difference. • Made from 100% post consumer waste. • Bright white paper for excellent print performance. • Certified Carbon Neutral and FSC ® Certified. ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520583 A4 80gsm REAM500 2344904 A4 80gsm Unwrapped PACK2500 8. REFLEX 100% RECYCLED 80GSM COPY PAPER • Reflex 100% Recycled White is high quality recycled paper that achieves excellent whiteness. It also features Ink Wise ™ delivering a new standard in print and paper performance. • Made from 100% post consumer waste. • Delivers sharper, more vibrant prints with absolutely no extra ink, toner or effort. • More defined blacks and vibrant colours. • A smoother and whiter sheet. • Quality double sided printing. • Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certified ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520577 A4 80gsm REAM500 Digital Copy Paper 9. COLOUR COPY DIGITAL GLOSSY PAPER • Speciality copy and printing paper for perfection in digital colour. • Highest quality printing on both sides for a professional finish. • Suitable for all digital work and for all colour laser and digital copier systems. • A3 also available online ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520708 A4 135gsm REAM250 520710 A4 170gsm REAM250 520712 A4 200gsm REAM250 10. COLOUR COPY DIGITAL PAPER • Ideal choice for premium printing applications. • Best quality for high-impact presentations, personalised mailing and promotional material. • Needle-sharp print outs, exceptional colour brilliance. • Color Copy is suitable to run on all dry toner, color laser printers and is approved by all leading machine manufacturers. • A3 also available online ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT 520713 A4 100gsm REAM500 520717 A4 120gsm REAM250 520715 A4 160gsm REAM250 520719 A4 200gsm REAM250 520722 A4 250gsm REAM125 Green Choice Catalogue 2021 We are very conscious of our environmental impact and we would like to offer you, our customer, an opportunity to play a part in protecting the world for future generations. The environment is a primary concern for not only us, but also the organisations that supply us with the products we all use every day. We’re committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment wherever possible. Continued support of our products and programs will ensure that our environmental resolve will strengthen, while our carbon footprint will decrease. This Green Choice catalogue is an opportunity for youto choose environmentally friendly solutions for your office and beyond.While we accept that a vast array of standards and processes can determine what is in fact environmentally friendly, we have taken a simple approach – we have featured products that are deemed to have less impact on the environment than alternatives that perform the same function.